Sunday, February 15, 2015



Let there be not an ounce of doubt in your minds that is nothing more than another form of Turkish racism and hate towards their Armenian victims. This is not about fighting for the freedom of speech to express one’s thoughts without fear of legal prosecution but rather it is about the freedom to hate and the freedom to continue to deny the Armenian Genocide perpetrated on the indigenous Armenians in their own homeland by the blood-thirsty and nomadic Central Asian Turkish ancestors of this disgusting Perincek, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Why would a Turkish politician, and an activist in an organization named after Talat the mastermind of the Armenian Genocide, go out of his way to travel to a foreign country to take advantage of loopholes in the liberal European laws to challenge a historical fact that emptied over two million Armenians from their ancient and now-occupied and confiscated homeland with 1,500,000 brutally murdered in the process, other than for denial and hatred when, in fact, no such freedoms are extended to the citizens of his own country?

 Only Turks of his caliber have the audacity to do such hateful things when only a few years back in his own illegal and fascist country of Turkey another Turkish citizen, but NOT of Turkish origin, Hrant Dink tried to use his freedom of expression in “democratic” Turkey and was gunned down by an ultranationalist juvenile coward in front of his own office.And some may argue by the deep state

Turks are NOT fooling anyone but themselves. It is just a matter of time that you will brought down to your knees.

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