Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The year 2015 affects each and every Armenian. This is a time when we are inherently forced to look back and think about – really think about – not only the atrocities that occurred but also what could have happened to us a century ago as a people. Armenians could have been exterminated, our culture and heritage wiped from the earth save for a mention in a chapter of some esoteric history books. We, as a people, would be extinct. That was the intent of the miserable perpetrators of this heinous crime, one we can now define with a single, cutting word: genocide. Had the architects of the genocide succeeded the world would have been a very different place to live in, and we the Armenian people would have been deprived of our right to enrich civilization with both our collective and individual contributions.

On the eve of this centennial it is more than obvious that they failed. They failed to destroy our pride, our loyalty to our community, our history, our culture, our fate and our unbreakable determination to never stop fighting for a better life. In 2015, we continue to tell the world not only that we are here, but that we are proud to be Armenians who have the boundless desire to make our homes, our communities, our nation and the world a better place – a place where we would like to believe that what happened in 1915 would be unthinkable today and in the future.

Every day for us at Fund for Armenian Relief is sacred. We are blessed to carry out the purpose of empowering our fellow Armenians who have the talent and desire to join us in our mission, and also provide opportunity to those who hold the potential to contribute to society but who are burdened by unfortunate circumstances and obstacles in their quest to move ahead. And we are able to do that because of your vision, generosity and compassion.

While small and modest, we at FAR are proud to be members of that most vibrant and vocal force that will send a message to the world on April 24th that the spirit of our people will never be extinguished. The perpetrators of the first genocide of the 20th century failed miserably in their quest because we are here today, and we will stand strong in our truth and our vision, because we are Armenians. So, in a way this also makes 2015 is a year of celebration of our fortitude.

Please read on below to learn about how the FAR family and our beneficiaries choose to mark the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

Thank you,
Garnik Nanagoulian


I Remember, I Demand: The Words of FAR’s Field Officers

The word “relief” is the key in our organization’s name, and it is pursued in its broadest sense. It is not just about providing immediate assistance. The majority of our activities, programs, projects and interventions are for the development and investment in a brighter future for Armenia.

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A Life Transformed by Support and Educational Opportunity

Alexander Nefedov’s parents abandoned him at such a young age that Gavar Orphanage became his childhood home. Despite a difficult upbringing where he battled loneliness and often felt like an outsider, Alexander managed to maintain his kindness and foster his generous spirit.

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FAR ANSEF Awardee Conducts Unique Research on the Armenian Genocide

Historian and 2015 ANSEF awardee Hayk Martirosyan has spent the past months in Germany immersed in research. “Since Germany was an ally of Ottoman Turkey, it too has the responsibility to recognize its complicity in the Armenian genocide.

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Arthur Avagyan’s Story of Love and Gratitude

Recently, a letter from the Armenian Defense Ministry was delivered to the FAR Children’s Center by a courier in uniform. The social worker Rima Harutyunyan who answered the door was surprised and to a certain degree concerned to see the Ministry’s address on the envelope.

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One and a Half Years and so Much to Celebrate

FAR happily launched Ayo! 1.5 years ago. We have been able to accomplish amazing things during that time with your support. Thank you for standing with Ayo! This video sums up the three projects Ayo! carried out during its first year of operation.

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